Unifying Wyoming Emergency Medical Services by cultivating excellence through advocacy and education

Fall 2022 Wyoming EMS Association Leadership Summit


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Don't Let Railroads Become Roadblocks

Take advantage of resources available to help EMS and other first responders avoid delays caused by railroads and respond safely to incidents on or near railroad crossings

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Message from the President
Luke Sypherd, EMS Quality Supervisor
Cody Regional Health

WYEMSA was created to support, study, discuss, and recommend improvements in emergency medical services; to investigate and provide means for the exchange of ideas and experiences between emergency medical service directors, managers, administrators, executives, technicians, physicians, and educators, of which shall be all inclusive; to promote and encourage the education of emergency medical technicians, service directors, and physician medical directors; to collect, analyze, and distribute information about emergency medical services; to promote the improvement of patient care; to cooperate with other organizations; and to effect more efficient administration of emergency medical services in the State of Wyoming. WYEMSA is your voice, your center of connection, your presence.

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